Welcome to SBOT! Our bots are made to moderate and animate your xat chat!

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How It Works ?

Assign the power bot to your xat chat and set it up with the xat ID 10101. Then register on this site to set up your bot! Tutorials are available in multiple languages! If you still need help, visit our chat here and our team of helpers will be happy to assist you!

Fast and Customizable

Once registered, create a bot, then use the buttons on the top menu to customize your bot!

  • You can customize basic features such as the bot's name, avatar, homepage and more!
  • You can also customize the bot's reason for kicking, banning, as well as adding aliases and others cool features!
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Special Features

Special and unique features of xatbot

  • ShareBot - The ShareBot feature allows you to share your bot with your friends, simply just by adding the key of your friend. A key can be obtained at the Profile page, top right of the panel.
  • Spotify - With the exclusive Spotify feature of xatbot, you can show other users what you’re currently listening to on Spotify. To use this feature, connect your Spotify account at the Profile page of our panel and use the !spotify command in the chat.
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Clean and Reliable

Available in multiple languages!

  • We currently offer assistance in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese!
  • You can choose between different languages of how you want the website to be displayed!
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Lines Coded

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Simple Pricing

Buy premium package just by transferring xats to your bot on your chat.

per month
Free Pack
  • No Powers
  • Few commands
  • Free Support
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Professional Pack
  • Everypower
  • All commands
  • Free Support


List of commonly asked questions about the bot.

I want to insert a bot for my chat on the panel, but it says "This chat is taken!" What should I do?

If you get this error, you need to open a ticket by clicking the "Support" menu on the website so an admin or helper can help you to fix it.

How do I make my bot main owner in my chat?

You must private chat the bot and do the command "!getmain [chat password]". If your chat password is "Helloworld1234", then you need to do "!getmain Helloworld1234" in the bot pc.

I set up my bot power correctly, and the bot is set up in the panel correctly too, but I'm getting "Error." What does this mean?

It means there is an issue with xat servers so your bot can't connect on your chat. Please be patient.

How do I create a bot?

Assign the power bot to your chat and set it up in your chat settings with the xat ID 10101. Then register on our site, click "Create a bot" and use the menu functions on the top of the website to customize your bot. Finally, when you are done creating your bot, go back to the dashboard and then start your bot!